Safety and Compliance

As commitment to international quality standards, Döhle Shipmanagement Phils. Corp. (DSPC) has dedicated Documentation and Compliance Department to ensure ISO 9001:2008, MLC 2006 and other certifications (ISPS & ISM Codes) and support internal audits. Döhle Philippines partners with internationally recognized certifying bodies with wide expertise in shipping business to maintain in the highest standard across the company’s operation and support units.

We also draw on our continued growth and success is linked to our colleagues’ ability under ethical guidelines that have gotten us to this point. Thus we have a harmonized Quality Management System, a fully integrated system and electronically documented to provide stringent guidelines to be followed by each Department. This is regularly reviewed by the Company’s internal auditors and Management Committee.

Securing also ISO-9001:9008 & MLC 2006 Certifications, represents further reassurance for our customers that we work according to high quality standards. DSPC is continuously working to comply with other international standards including ISM codes to have Documents of Compliance for Flag States as mandated by Top Management to promote conformity and consistency in how we do business, making it easier for customers to work with us. As part of our commitment to our seafarers, DSPC just passed the MLC 2006 Certification this year.

Fostering “Safety First” policy of the Group will be applied by Döhle Philippines to continuously provide excellent results based on international and PD group Standard.